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Registration for Our Fit-In-42 Challenge Is OPEN 
Don't Miss Out!
Registration For Our 
Fit-In-42 Challenge Is OPEN

Don't Miss Out!
Training Programs
Nutrition Plans
 Check out What Our programs Have Already 
 Check out What Our programs have Already 
 Done For Others...
 Done For Others...
Yvette E. - Boise, ID
Tim H. - Meridian, ID
Jenn H. - Boise, ID
"After only a short time of following his customized plans I was able decrease my body fat from 18% to 5.9% while also dropping 33 lbs.   The results surpassed my expectations..."

-Shaun E.
"He helped boost my confidence, strengthen my mental/emotional health, gave me knowledge about the good and the bad, what is acceptable and what isn’t healthy when it comes to losing weight..."

-Angel L. 
"I followed everything he said and noticed results each week...I lost 15lbs and 9% body fat. I never expected to get the results I did and was extremely happy I decided to work with Shawn.."

-Porter M. 
Take Your Fitness to The Next Level 
  •  Eliminate Stubborn Body Fat
  • Improve Functional Strength & Muscle Tone 
  • Boost Your Self Confidence & Energy
  • No More Guesswork. We Map Out & Coach You EVERY Step Of The Way
  • Effective For ALL Experience Levels.. Beginner To Advanced
this is the first step towards the new You!
this is the first step towards the new You!
What Is YOUR Goal??
We Have Four Training Options To Serve Your Needs...

We'll Go Over Each Program In Detail With You And Show Which Path Works Best For You. 

(And The Difference Between Each!)
We Have Four Training Options To Serve Your Needs...We'll Go Over Each Program In Detail With You And Show Which Path Works Best For You. (And The Difference Between Each!)
Small Group 
Personal Training 
Corrective Stretching &
Personal Training 
Transformation Challenges
No cookie cutter programs, no more guessing or waiting for equipment… just results.
What is the BodyFit Experience?
It is NOT just another "plug and play" gym. 
It is NOT about drastically dropping weight at any cost - yet the systems we provide will help you to experience MORE change than you've been able to achieve before.
It is NOT about exploiting the latest fad diet - yet we can (and do) explore a variety of nutritional strategies to best fit your lifestyle and goals.   
The inability to achieve real change, struggling (or even failing) to maintain results... These are generally symptoms of issues that can be tricky to identify or address alone (that's the bad news), BUT can be surprisingly easy to fix... if you know which steps to take (that's the good news). 

As a client, we will have the opportunity to address these areas with you on an individual basis. You will be given access to all of the tools and systems we have at our disposal to help clients completely transform and maintain their health and fitness. 
Take Your Goals And 
Make Them A Reality
Transformation Experts:
Our staff of certified trainers are here to guide and coach you through your transformation process. At BodyFit, we have a team that works together to ensure your specific needs and goals are met.
The Right Program For YOU:
Group Training or One-on-One. Just starting out to Ultra-Advanced...
We provide you with a clear cut path to your goals.
  •  Want to Lose Weight or Lean Up?
  •  Increase Strength and Mobility?
  • Improve Your Overall Health? 
You will get a fitness program designed with you in mind and a coach to meet with each session that will push and motivate you. 

By incorporating a complete program that utilizes a combination of resistance training, cardiovascular exercise, mobility work, accountability and comprehensive nutritional guidance; get ready to experience results you would not achieve on your own. 
Connect With Us!
"..they all keep you pushing yourself to your greatest potential, celebrating your victories, supporting you when you feel weak and being there to pick you up when you fail...they kept me going even when I thought about giving up. I just can't say enough about this place and all these people, they've really empowered my world."
- Mercedes Proffitt
You Could Literally Be Just a Few Steps Away From
Becoming Your Own Success Story...
But do you know which steps to take?
Small Group Training
One-on-One Training
Personalized Nutrition Planning
Cardiovascular Conditioning
Athletic Performance Enhancement
Corrective Stretching & Exercise
   BodyFit Group & Fitness Training
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