Success Stories
Porter Marshall
“I approached Shawn to get in shape for a 12 week transformation challenge. I only had 12 weeks and didn’t have time to make trial and error mistakes with my workouts and nutrition, to get the results I wanted by the end of week 12. I was referred to Shawn from a group of friends and based off their results they were confident he would get me where I needed to be. So, I decided to set up a meeting.

My goal was to get lean. During my first visit, Shawn asked very specific questions to understand my current nutrition, exercise level and busy work schedule for a tailored program. Throughout the 12 weeks I followed everything he said and noticed results each week. By the end of the 12 weeks, I lost 15lbs and 9% body fat. I never expected to get the results I did and was extremely happy I decided to work with Shawn. While working with Shawn, I felt he genuinely cared about my personal success and helping me achieve my goal." 

– Porter Marshall
Shannon Bakker-Conklin
“I started working with Shawn after I had my third baby with the goal of competing at an NPC show in June (which was only about 5 months away). I had competed at an NGA show two years prior and had so much fun. Thankfully Shawn didn’t laugh at me, he accepted the challenge!

My baby was only 3 months old and I wanted to continue nursing so was concerned about having to take supplements, Shawn didn’t even flinch, said “Don’t worry, we’ll do everything through diet”. 

I said I had two older boys with busy social and sports scheduled and a husband who traveled a LOT so I was worried because I couldn’t do the crazy fasted cardio followed by lifting followed by a pm cardio. Shawn told me at MOST I would be doing an hour and a half of cardio per WEEK. I was sure I had heard that last part wrong!

Shawn tailored a program to ME and my postpartum body where I lifted 4-5 days a week depending on the split and did about 15-20 minutes of HIIT cardio per day. As a sometimes single mom of three… THAT I could actually do. I admit I was suspect about the lack of cardio and my post-partum fat loss needs but I listened to Shawn, trained hard and the day of the show I walked on stage 2% LEANER than two years prior and 6 lbs HEAVIER, meaning he was able to get me to lose fat AND build more lean muscle mass.

Throughout the entire process Shawn was always there to tell me when I was stressing over something unnecessary, to answer questions, to offer alternative lifts when necessary due to injuries or lack of equipment, etc. I drove to Boise from Sun Valley between once and twice per month to see him, often with all three of my kids, and I’d do it all over again. I saw results like I’d never had before in my years of lifting and working out – muscle definition and leanness even though I felt like I was eating so much food! Shawn not only knows how to train someone for their own unique physique but he is so incredibly knowledgeable about the science behind nutrition that he knows what your body needs to respond the way you want it to. I have since referred about a half dozen friends to Shawn and more to come, this guy is the BEST!” 
– Shannon Bakker-Conklin
Sammie Druffel
“Before deciding to work with Shawn and compete I knew very little about the sport. I had competed in the past but didn’t learn much about the process. The first meeting with Shawn I felt there was an instant connection. He understood what my goals were and what I wanted to achieve. We started from scratch trying to get my metabolism back on track as it had been damaged from the first show. After a few months of transitioning to his workouts and meals plans my metabolism was back on track. Needless to say what he does works!

I’ve been working with Shawn for over a year now and I can tell you that I will never go to anyone else. He is so smart and has such a passion for the nutrition and strength training. The thing about Shawn as a trainer is that each client is different and unique. No one meal plan or training program is the same and I think that sets him apart from the rest.

While working with Shawn we have brought my physique to a level I never thought possible. He guided me to three Top 5 finishes this year including: 4th place at the NPC Emerald Cup, 1st place at the NPC Empire Classic, and 2nd place at the NPC Idaho Muscle Classic which qualified me for Nationals. I can’t thank Shawn enough for all that he has done and everything he has taught me along the way. It’s truly been an amazing experience working with him. I can’t wait to see what the future holds; I know we will accomplish great things!” 
– Sammie Druffel
Angel Lebo
“I’ve always been interested in working out and personal fitness and was very active throughout high school. During my first two years of college I took weight lifting classes as electives out of pure interest but it wasn’t until I moved to Idaho to attend Boise State University that I really became aware of and world of bodybuilding, and something that peaked my interest; competing. After setting a new years resolution for January 2013 and completing a few programs from, I really wanted to challenge myself and without 

much knowledge starting searching for a personal trainer in the Boise area, as well as looking into the NPC realm.

Something that I liked about Shawn the most was that he was extremely quick to reply to my emails. Not only that, but he actually seemed interested in helping me. It didn’t take long, or much time spent with him to figure out “this guy knows what he’s doing”! Choosing Shawn and BodyFit Boise to help me on my journey to the NPC stage for the first time was the best decision I have ever made for my health.

Not only did he help me go from 30% body fat at our very first check-in in July 2013, to 13% body fat for my first bikini competition in June of 2014, but he also helped boost my confidence, strengthen my mental/emotional health, gave me knowledge about the good and the bad, what is acceptable and what isn’t healthy when it comes to losing weight/body fat, and disproved some myths I believed, such as more cardio, less carbs, etc.

Shawn has not only been a trainer to me, but a friend as well for the last year and I plan on working with him for many more years to come. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Shawn! You helped my change my health for the better.” 

– Angel Lebo
Andy Swanson
“This past year it was my goal to be able to compete in Men’s physique competition. I had just come off of a work transformation challenge and had lost some weight but knew I wasn’t anywhere close to competing shape just yet. My weight would fluctuate from 185-195 lbs. and my body fat was close to 15% at the time I first started training with Shawn. He really opened my eyes to the amount of dedication and hard work it takes to be able to lower your body fat, improve overall physique, memorize poses, and gain the stage presence needed to compete with the best in the Northwest.”

Not only did he motivate me, but he educated me throughout the entire process explaining the “whys” and science behind all of his meal plans and workout routines. I thought I knew about nutrition and lifting from working in the fitness industry and from my previous sports background, however, I realized there were still a lot of important aspects that I was doing incorrectly or had no knowledge of.

Shawn’s work speaks for itself as he has many competitors doing great things and I have had many friends who have used him for recreational changes and competition (I was also referred by a friend). What I like the most about his training is that he puts the athlete’s health above everything else. I feel that his nutrition plans are healthy and do not involve any “unnatural” practices that are common with competing. I couldn’t be happier with the choices we have made over the past year as I was able to finish the season with a few top 5’s and a first in class at the Idaho Muscle Classic NPC.”

– Andy Swanson
Shaun Erlebach
“Shawn provides a service which goes above and beyond the standard of excellence for a price that doesn’t cut the excess fat from your wallet. Getting lean was a battle I’ve fought for years. It was never an issue getting down to around 16% – 14% but anything below that was a mirage in the distance. Walking into Shawn’s office after being referred to him by a colleague, who was a walking testament to his work, I was excited to take a step down a life altering journey.

My goal was to have a physique perfectly proportionate to Michelango’s David sculpture and I do believe that Shawn got me there. The nutrition and training regimes are completely designed around your unique build to make sure that the goal you set with him is reached. After only a short time of following his customized plans I was able decrease my body fat from 18% to 5.9% while also dropping 33 lbs. The results surpassed my expectations and I continue to work with Shawn in hopes of competing in the spring. When I first stepped into BodyFit, signing up for an NPC show was never in the cards but now I’m set on bringing home a trophy!” 

– Shaun Erlebach
Troy & Crystal McClain
“Whether I am preparing for the boardroom with Mr. Trump or traveling to some far-away place for a speaking engagement, looking and feeling my best is of utmost importance in my field. However, as a professional speaker and consultant who travels all the time finding time to exercise and diet is harder than most would think. That said, Shawn has over the years, placed together for me eating programs and workout schedules customized to my busy schedule and simple enough for me to want to do it.
Thank you Shawn for making health and fitness a lifestyle I enjoy!”

-Troy McClain   
Season 1 Apprentice

“I have trained with Shawn for the past six years. Shawn is professional and pushes me to exceed my expectations. His knowledge of nutrition and how food can affect the end goal I have set for myself have made me truly think about what I use to fuel my body. Shawn is my accountability partner in helping me to make efforts during my sessions. Training is a concerted effort for me and Shawn makes me proud of the outcome when I put forth the effort. Thank you Shawn!”  

-Crystal McClain
Troy & Crystal McClain
“I was referred to Shawn Carlson at BodyFit as a trainer that could help me with my fitness goals. I met Shawn and had a specific goal that I had never met and never had a trainer help assist me with meeting it. I had seen those guys on the front of the magazines with the abdominal veins and always thought that was the pinnacle of low body fat and that was always one of my goals. I told Shawn I wanted to hit single digit body fat numbers and to see if I actually had abdominal veins.”

I said; “This is where I am at, 12 almost 13% body fat and 7 weeks to get to single digits body fat with abdominal vascularity.” “Can you take me there”?He said; “Yes I can”! I said; “What do I need to do”?He said; “Follow everything I tell you to do”.I said; “I will follow everything you tell me to do and I’ll be your best testimonial”!!

“I went from almost 13% body fat to a little over 4% body fat in 7 weeks because I listened to Shawn whom I have dubbed “The Guru”! I also want to add; that I put a picture up of what I wanted to look like with the end goal date wrote on the picture that was in 3 locations throughout my home. I was focused on hitting my goal and workouts are ‘always’ great and full of intensity! I had decent sleep and did my best to keep stress to a minimum. I always prepared my food ahead of time had a great attitude about the food I was eating.”

“Let Shawn and BodyFit help you achieve your health and fitness Goals. Listen to him, follow what he outlines for you and if you don’t understand or have questions, ask them. Trust in yourself that you have come to this part of your life for a reason. Shawn is extremely gifted and will help you obtain the health and fitness goal you have or are setting. I am living proof and very greatful for Shawn and the positive impact he has made in my life. By the way, I found out I have abdominal veins, stomach veins, oblique veins and just vascular everywhere. Goal Achieved!”


-Robert ‘Rocky’ Detwiler Owner of Samson Wear Inspirational Apparel Company
Brian and Clare Frost
“I started working out with Shawn in May of 2006. I had gained 65 lbs. during my second pregnancy and was feeling lethargic and unhealthy. With the help of a customized workout and nutrition plan, I dropped every pound within four months! Not only did all my clothes fit again, I had a ton of energy and self-confidence!”

-Clare Frost

“As an avid hunter, I was looking to get in shape for the next season. After seeing my wife’s extraordinary results with BodyFit, I was willing to give it a try. Shawn and BodyFit are very accommodating to my schedule and customized the workouts to improve my stamina and strength. I have lost 8% body fat and 15 pounds, my blood pressure is down and I am able to manage my stress levels.”

--Brian Frost
Nate Hampel, NPC Competitor
Until recently, I didn’t know much about competition dieting and training. I just wanted to compete. After being referred to Shawn by a friend/client of his, he was able to get me on a plan that would help me reach my goals in the healthiest and most efficient way possible. In the last 6 months, I’ve gained tremendous knowledge in training, nutrition, and competing. And, with no crash diet or generic training routines involved, each plan is as unique and as convenient as the next.

With my goals in mind, he was able to help me transform into a NGA/NPC competitor. Without his guidance, I wouldn’t I’d be where I am today. I told him I wanted to compete in a physique competition in the spring. With this in mind, he was able to get me there and then some. Not only was he able to get me dialed in for one show, I ended up doing four in just my first year competing!
Katie Arnold,  NGA Competitor
“I want to compete in a figure competition… I’ve never done one before. The contest is 12 1/2 weeks away and I’m 48 years old. That was the essence of my first meeting with Shawn. He didn’t flinch. He measured me, did some calculations drummed his pen on his notebook and said, “It’s not going to be easy, but it can be done.”

I had wanted to do a bodybuilding competition for years. Finally circumstances dictated that it was now or never. A close friend, who is heavily involved with the natural bodybuilding community, told me that I had to call Shawn Carlson
at BodyFit.

My apprehension about competing was that I had no clue how to eat healthily to meet my physical goals. I had seen first-hand some of the crazy stunts people do when they are trying to get lean. Shawn came up with a simple plan from clean foods that I enjoy. I can honestly say that for those 12 weeks I was never hungry or unhappy with my meals.

He also created a fun and challenging exercise program that got my body ripped. So many of the other contestants felt deprived and worn out by stage time. I felt amazing up to, during and after the contest. I still feel terrific. With the guidance of Shawn and BodyFit, I won the Masters division of my first competition!!”

– Karie Arnold, NGA Competitor
Lindsey Wells,  IFBB Pro
“I started training with Shawn as I decided to embark on competing in fitness competitions. I’ve had my fair share of trainers/coaches in the past and he surpassed all my expectations even in our first meeting going over nutrition and training plans. Shawn not only holds a vast amount of knowledge, but is also the most professional trainer I have encountered.

I have learned so much in this process due to Shawn’s ability to teach as he trains! Whether you are training for a fitness competition or just want to make a life change towards better health, he creates very effective individualized plans! The workouts and nutrition he put together were devised around what I needed to show up at my best. Not only did I see results, I liked the fact that he didn’t take a “quick fix” approach and stayed true to keeping my overall health in mind!

Going back to the main reason I started training with Shawn… My bikini competitions… He guided me to four 1st place finishes in a row, including the 2013 NPC Emerald Cup Bikini Overall Champion and 2013 NPC USA Championships Class Winner to earn my IFBB Pro Card!!!

I believe these wins alone are a true testament to what he can do for you!”

– Lindsey Wells, IFBB Pro
Katie Neely,  NPC Competitor
“Choosing to work with Shawn was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I have grown both mentally and physically after just 6 months with him. Through training for my first figure competition, he taught me proper nutrition and discipline. Shawn is great about catering my diet to incorporate things I like which makes it easy to stay on track.

One of the best things about Shawn is he treats each of his clients as unique individuals. There are no cookie cutter diets or training regimens with him. One nutrition plan will work great for one person, but may not work for someone else and he understands that. Our bodies are always changing and adapting to what we do, and he works hard to adapt each plan to optimize results.

If something isn’t working, he will change it until my body responds. For me, that meant 6-10 different nutrition and training plans over the course of 6 months. In that time we were able to take my body fat from 21.6% down to 9.7% on stage! It is clear that Shawn loves what he does and is truly dedicated to helping his clients change their lives.” 

– Katie Neely, NPC Competitor
Jake Gollobit, NGA Competitor
“Working with Shawn has been a truly life changing experience.

After suffering a series of injuries I started working out, but simply did not have the knowledge to make the proper changes.

Shawn gave me the tools and knowledge to make the changes that I needed.

By training with Shawn I was able to cut over 10% body fat in a very short three months.

I competed in my first physique competition only four months after my first meeting with Shawn, and have continued working with him ever since.”

I know that by listening to Shawn, and following his instruction for a healthy lifestyle, my health and fitness level will continue to increase.

Every day I will be able to look back at the day before and say, “TODAY, I am in the best shape of my life!”

– Jake Gollobit, NGA Competitor
Marguerite Overton
“Shawn Carlson has taught me that the hardest part of fitness, once achieved, is maintenance. I believe everybody on the planet needs a Personal Trainer. BodyFit has not only changed my life but it has changed my behavior. They have helped me to a 30 lb turn around. I started with a body fat percentage of 31%, and now I have maintained a body fat of approximately 13% for the last 13 years. Personal Training has also changed my diagnosis of osteoporosis @ the age of 42, to osteopenia @ the age of 55 without medications! For me, fitness is not an option. Fitness is necessary for wellness. BodyFit and Shawn Carlson are an essential part of health plan.”

-Marguerite Overton
Russell & Collette Brunson
“When I started at BodyFit, I was at 21.3% body fat, and was going on a cruise 5 months later. I was hoping for a miracle, but didn’t know what was possible. The day before the cruise we tested my fat at I was at 11.8%… I had lost 45% of my bodyfat just in time for the cruise. Since then we have gotten down to 10.2% and on our way to hit my goal of 7% by the end of the year! Thanks Shawn!”

-Russell Brunson

“I have been working with Jolene at BodyFit for just over a year. I saw major results in the first six weeks. She has helped me accomplish all my goals after having my fourth baby. I started at 22.4% body fat and within 6 months I was at 15%. With the help of Shawn’s meal plan that was put together for me I am more aware of my eating habits and am the healthiest I have ever been!”

-Collette Brunson
Kate Kennedy,  NPC Competitor
“I’ve worked with Shawn for my last four competitions and hopefully many more to come.

When I first went to Shawn, I had done a few Figure shows previously and had decided I wanted to try Bikini at the Emerald Cup.

It was hard to find a trainer that would really listen to what I wanted, but Shawn was on board right away.He always listens to me and focuses on MY goals… I DID end up competing in the Emerald Cup for the first time and taking a 3rd place finish out of 26 competitors in my class…. Two weeks later, I won my NGA Pro Card!”

“My favorite thing about Shawn is that he is very well rounded in his knowledge of competing, nutrition, weight training, and cardio.

He’s smart, has the experience to back it up, and lives the lifestyle. Shawn helped me get my metabolism back on track and taught me that carbohydrates and fruit are not the enemy!”

– Kate Kennedy, NPC Competitor
Jill & Dr Mark Williams
I’ve been coming to Body Fit for 3 years. I wanted to learn what else I could do to get fit, and not hurt myself at home. I was doing all I knew how to do on my own, and had hit a plateau in my progress. Shawn and Jolene have both worked with me and they are great! They have helped me with food ideas to eat more nutritious, healthy meals and snacks, and to lower my body fat. The exercises they have me do increase my strength, and I have more energy.

It’s been fun to see muscle definition where I used to have none. I know this has been so good for me. I have improved my cardiovascular and respiratory systems, which makes me feel healthier. Having stronger muscles helps improve my bone density. Sometimes Shawn and Jolene push me really hard, but I know it’s good for me, and I won’t push myself that much at home. They are helping me fight aging!! Body Fit is the best decision I’ve made for myself in the past few years!

– Jill Williams

For the last 2 ½ years I’ve been a client at BodyFit. My wife bought me some sessions for my birthday because she was so happy and impressed with what she was learning and doing at Body Fit. Shawn has shown me how to work out more effectively with weights, implement my running and achieve better results than I had ever gotten before.

At first I didn’t know if there was really much more for me to learn or do differently because I’ve been an athlete and exercised practically my entire life. It’s been interesting to accept the challenge and watch how changing my approach to fitness has lowered my body fat and changed my eating habits completely. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Shawn and learning I didn’t have to exercise harder, just smarter, to reach my goals.

– Dr. Mark Williams
Nick Holt, NPC Competitor
“I have been weight training for over 17 years.

I have competed in numerous bodybuilding competitions in NCP, NGA, AFBB among others.

Shawn Carlson has been a tremendous help with my nutrition and training regimen.

With Shawn’s help, I won the 2012 AFBB Treasure Valley Axiom Natural, placed 7th overall in the NPC Emerald Cup, and made the’s FIT USA top ten finalists for fitness modeling and placed 5th overall. I consider Shawn to be an authority on the topic of exercise and nutrition.

I recommend Shawn for anyone who wants to better themselves, emotionally, physically, and intellectually.

Whether your goals are to compete or to simply get in better shape and feel better about yourself, Shawn can and will help you get in the best shape of your life!” 


Nick Holt NPC Competitor and *Sponsored Athlete
Angelina Masino, NPC Competitor
I started working with Shawn after my first season of competing in figure. It was great to work with someone that had as deep of a passion for nutrition and exercise as I did for competing. Through his knowledge of metabolism and strength & condition he was able to formulate a personalized plan to take my physique to the next level and after working with him for 3 months I earned my NGA pro card and then took 1st place in my first 2 NPC shows.

With Shawn you don’t get a cookie cutter diet, he understands how the body works and what you have to do to manipulate it to get the results you want, whether it’s to lose 30 pounds, increase your strength or step on stage. The best part is Shawn does this without sacrificing your health. Working with Shawn was such a great experience he has such a positive energy and motivating personality that not only do you want to succeed for yourself but for him as well.

– Angelina Masino, NPC Competitor
Chuck Stiff
“Shawn Carlson has been my personal trainer for approximately 10 years. His unique understanding of nutrition has put the finishing touches on my bodybuilding career.

BodyFit & Shawn Carlson have helped me be in the best shape of my life. I recently was diagnosed with Cancer, and based on my fitness level I was offered “Robot Surgery” which provided me with the best option for a cure! Many others are not able to be offered this option because they are not fit enough to tolerate this technique.”

-Chuck Stiff
Jennifer Bradley
“I have trained with Shawn for 7 years now! I think Shawn is great at what he does. His passion and knowledge of physical fitness are obvious. He pushes me harder than I ever think I can push myself. When I do the things Shawn teaches, I see great results! I would (and have) recommended him to everyone I know. When you train with Shawn and BodyFit, you’re in great hands!”

-Jennifer Bradley
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 I had gained 65 lbs. during my second  pregnancy and was feeling lethargic and  unhealthy. With the help of a customized  workout and nutrition plan, I dropped  every pound within four months!
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