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  Personal-Group training provides clients with the attention and programming more typically found in one-on-one training within a small group format. Studies have shown that the personal-group format:
  • removes hesitation barriers to pursuing physical activity, such as a lack of or limited exposure to physical training, intimidation associated with trying something new, and negative prior experiences, among others.
  • decreases client anxiety by offering a small, supportive community, so no one “goes it alone” or is “just another member”.
  • increases client engagement, participation, and commitment.
  • facilitates open communication & dialogue between coaches and clients.
  • ​creates a positive dynamic that improves client trust in the coach and the process.
  • builds client confidence
 BodyFit goes beyond typical strength training by blending functional, Olympic and traditional weight lifting with specialized programming so our clients are having fun and being challenged in way that produce maximum and sustainable results. We do this by capping our classes at 12 clients per session, so we are better able to focus on and assist our clients. We are here for you! BodyFit IS fitness at every age for every body.

nutrition Coaching
Low carb/high fat, moderate carb/low fat, fasting, intermittent fasting, and on the list goes... The top reason over 90% of dieters fail?? Sustainability. You're stepping into something that is destined for failure before you even start. Time for a change. 
The term "lifestyle" is a label that's commonly pasted onto these different diets nowadays. But it can only really become a part of YOUR lifestyle if it's something you already do or would find some enjoyment in doing long-term. There's "one size fits all" approach  with how we structure your plan. Instead, we have built a process that becomes more and more tailored to you as we take you through 3 simple phases. 
  • PHASE 1 - RECALIBRATION: Your first 4-6 weeks will be all about simplifying the approach to healthy eating and creating better patterns/habits.
  • PHASE 2 - ACCELLERATION: While you will absolutely experience notable improvements during phase 1, it's during this phase that you will achieve the bulk of your progress.  Here we will be able to really dive into making the entire process more and more tailored to you/your lifestyle. 
  • PHASE 3 - RETENTION: There's nothing worse than putting in the time to make amazing changes, only to lose it a few short months later.  This final phase is all about RETAINING the changes you have made and ensuring you have a plan place that makes maintenance feel effortless. 
Following or adopting a healthy lifestyle doesn't have to mean dieting for the rest of your life. Whatever YOUR fitness goal(s) are, this process WILL work if you stick to it!  Oh, and the best part... you can do this without having to skip social events with family & friends. 
*PLEASE NOTE: This is an "add-on" service that is currently only available to BodyFit clients.*
fitness over 50
As we age, even the healthiest bodies notice a reduction in muscle mass, bone density, and metabolism activity – just to name a few. Research has continued to show that adults over 50 who participate regularly in strength-training programs are less likely to experience serious declines in their muscular strength and muscle mass, resulting in preserved bone density, increased functional abilities, and retained independence. Additionally, participation in strength-training programs has been shown to drastically reduce the risk of osteoporosis, in addition to supplying better protection against injuries and falls.

We continue to see an increased need in our community for programs that are capable of meeting the needs of clients over 50 to help them improve their health without compromising their safety. BodyFit specializes in program development and modification, so our clients are able to regain their health and enhance the quality of their lives in our community-based, small group format. We offer proven, safe, and effective programming for clients of every age, so our clients feel confident and comfortable with the coaching they are provided.

BodyFit is honored to be home to a wide variety of clients ranging in age from 17-71 – all with varying backgrounds and reasons for pursuing improved fitness. We believe strength and strength training are for everyone, and we are proud that our programming and services provide a safe and progressive environment for clients of any age to pursue better health.
special events
BI-ANNUAL ASSESSMENTS:  BodyFit provides fitness assessments in February and September of each year. Each fitness assessment takes approximately 60 minutes and includes a series of movements and exercises that provide a comprehensive picture of overall health. Assessments are a great way to assess the current level of fitness, identify areas to improve, and measure progress. Our clients love the no-pressure experience, and performing an assessment provides them with real-time information that is meaningful and valuable.

BodyFit has designed two levels of the fitness assessment: Phase I and Phase II. The primary focus of Phase I is capability: is the client able to perform basic exercises/movements? This differs from the focus of Phase II, which is capacity: how well can the client perform more difficult exercises/movements?

We suggest Phase I to the majority of our new clients or beginner athletes. Phase I allows us to assess mobility, basic movement, heart rate recovery and more and informs how the coaches will approach each client’s subsequent training in group. Clients are not expected to perform each exercise perfectly; remember, the focus of Phase I is capability.

Phase II is more suitable for the intermediate/advanced client and combines fitness standards from demanding, national tests with BodyFit' s own special additions. This is an excellent opportunity for our clients who have performed well on Phase I to test themselves against a new challenge. Phase II is not only more rigorous than Phase I, its components are judged more strictly, also. Clients are expected to complete each exercise/movement correctly and fully in order to count.

If other gyms or fitness facilities offer assessments, their cost can range between $50-$95 and are not included with membership. BodyFit offers the bi-annual assessments FREE to our clients. Non-clients are able to participate in the fitness assessments for a minimal fee. Please contact us for more information.
MONTHLY "WORKOUTS OF THE DAY" (WODs):  Each month, BodyFit hosts a Workout of the Day (WOD): a more rigorous workout than is found in our normal personal-group training. WODs bring a cross-training component to a workout by testing cardiorespiratory fitness, stamina, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, and more within a specified time frame. Unlike traditional CrossFit WODs, ours are scaled for each participant’s strength and skill level which allows even the most novice athlete an opportunity to participate. 

BodyFit coaches devote a significant amount of time developing the programming for our WODs to ensure the workout is both challenging and enjoyable.

A typical WOD class is 60 minutes and could include a single workout or multiple workouts. Some WODs are done individually and others are built to be done with a partner. No matter how they are structured, they are sure to raise your heartrate and push your limits. Our clients look forward to these WODs each month and love the variety of workouts.

Participation in WODs is FREE to BodyFit clients. Non-clients are able to participate in the WODs for a minimal fee. Please contact us for more information.

FITNESS CHALLENGES:  Fitness challenges are a great way to kickstart a fitness journey or rekindle a previous attempt and have been proven to be effective by increasing positive health behaviors within a given timeline. BodyFit clients that participate in our fitness challenges have been able to achieve life-changing results, and their success fuels a continued commitment to better health. BodyFit offers fitness challenges to clients at an affordable cost throughout the year that may include:
  • Goal setting consultation
  • Structured guidance
  • Body composition assessment
  • Weekly/bi-weekly check-in’s
  • ​Nutrition program & coaching
  • Access to coaches for questions and help
  • ​Extras, such as specialized programming, giveaways, clinics, prizes, and more!
SPECIALIZED PROGRAMMING:  BodyFit offers specialized programming for clients with specific fitness goals that aren’t as easily attained within the personal-group format. Our clients frequently enjoy participating in events outside of BodyFit or setting specific goals that may require additional support. Examples of times when specialized programming is beneficial include:
  • Race and competition preparation
  • Mobility improvement
  • Corrective patterning or muscular imbalances
  • Body composition changes  (i.e. weight loss/body fat loss)
Our specialized programs include an initial 30-minute coach/client consultation to determine goals, as well as establish progress check-ins and accountability plans. Our programming is client/purpose specific and developed as 4-week progressions. Specialized programming is a great, affordable option for clients who need a little “extra” but aren’t looking for the full one-on-one training approach.
OPEN GYM:  We know there are times our clients want to work on certain exercises or movements, and we are happy to host Open Gym for just that purpose! During Open Gym, our clients are able to do their own workouts at their own pace. Our coaches are onsite and available to assist with spotting or setting up, but they do not provide programming for clients during this time (this would be a great time to use some of that specialized programming mentioned earlier!). Open Gym is FREE to BodyFit clients, and non-clients are able to participate for a minimal fee. Please contact us for more information. 
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